• Madeleine Johannessen Drougge
  • Mark Marturin Christensen
  • Marco Hvidberg-Olsen
Board games have become increasingly popular over the last few years, with families and friends alike meeting for a fun and entertaining experience. It comes as no surprise that analog board games have in some cases expanded upon its features by integrating digital components, leading to the category of hybrid board games (HBGs), which utilizes the tangibility of physical game pieces and enhances them with digital features. This report seeks to conceptualize a connection between HBGs and the technology of Non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Specifically, identifying NFT characteristics that can be meaningfully implemented into HBGs to complement the overall play experience, while also learning what are favorable design choices for HBGs. Through research, as well as analysis of published board games and their digital counterparts, an understanding of the effects of dematerialization became apparent, such as loss of tangibility. With the knowledge gained, we constructed three technological probes, designed to be HBGs with NFT characteristics, which were investigated by conducting two workshops with participants. The analyzed data from these workshops were used to conceptualize our high-fidelity prototype, called HYBRIDA, which incorporated four main characteristics of NFTs that we believe to be favorable for integration in HBGs. HYBRIDA was evaluated by participants and from this analyzed data gathered from the evaluation, we conclude with our findings regarding NFT characteristics in relation to HBGs.
Publication date10 Jun 2022
Number of pages103
ID: 472532871