• Karen Buch
4. term, Master of Sexology (Continuing education) (Continuing Education Programme (Master))
Title: “Why do these women say anything?” - Women with Bladder Pain Syndrome do not speak about their sexuality or leak of sexuality?
Purpose: The purpose of the leak project is to investigate why women with Bladder Pain Syndrome do not bring their sexuality and their sexual dysfunctions to conversations with nurses / doctors at the urinary surgical hospital.
Background: In the literature, it appears that a large proportion of women with Bladder Pain syndrome or other chronic disorders also have sexual problems, but there is a lot of taboo around the subject and they do not bring it on their own.
Method: Qualitative with a phenomenological approach.
Data Collection: Focus group interview with four women with Bladder Pain Syndrome.
Analytical Method: Hermeneutical opinion poll.
Results: The analysis shows the following factors that can act as a barrier to the patients' interpretation of their sexual dysfunction. This is associated with shame, modesty, taboo, prejudice and lack of action by doctors and nurses.
Conclusion: Most of the factors that act as barriers to the patients' interpretation of their sexuality can be countered by questionnaires and staff who, as part of the recording or visits to the ambulatory, should question the patient's sexuality. In addition, patients would like to have tools to address their sexual problems.
Publication date6 May 2019
Number of pages37
ID: 302954807