• Mia Busch Agergaard
This Master’s thesis focuses on how Danish companies can ensure a successful entrance to the Brazilian market, when establishing a wholly owned production subsidiary in the country, where a Multiple Case (Holistic) Design approach have been used. The case companies used in this thesis are: Aalborg Industries S.A., Bombas Grundfos do Brasil Ltda., Novo Nordisk do Brasil Ltda., and Rocktec Isolantes Termicos Ltda. Through a holistic approach, external factors on the Brazilian market were identified and analysed. Afterwards, it was described how to evaluate and adapt the internal factors to these; thus, gaining a fit which will enhance the chances of a successful entrance. To structure the recommendation, Miles and Snow’s Adaptive Cycle was used. Thus, by following the recommendation given in the thesis, it is assessed that this will ensure a successful entrance to the Brazilian market.
Publication date2010
Number of pages116
Publishing institutionAalborg University
ID: 32310768