• Lars Bertelsen
  • Jette Nielsen
  • Morten Sonne
3 year, Master of Health Informatics (Continuing education) (Continuing Education Programme (Master))
Introduction This paper deals with the problem if electronic technology may be used to reduce medication errors so that the medication process can be of a higher quality by using technology. Method By using a hermeneutic method we have carried out four qualitative semistructured interviews with several people who have been involved in improving, implementing, and using a particular technology (PDA’s with a bar code scanner) at the H:S (Hospitals in Copenhagen, red.) to ensure the quality assurance of the process of medicine administration. Results We have described and evaluated a number of present and future technologies for use in the process of administration of medicine. The described technologies are not all mature enough to be used in a busy hospital world. The users will not deal with technologies that are unstable and are not able to support their primary purposes. Discussion and conclusion There is no doubt that the development of new technologies can contribute to a more secure medication process, but the use of the technology depends on how mature the technology is. When a technology is mature enough to use, it can only be tested in a realistic environment. For that reason we also point to testing technologies in a realistic environment where it is going to function. In the future we foresee that more time has to be used on these tests before a technology is taken in use in an entire hospital. There will always be a ‘but’ – the maturity of the technology must be stable and without any problems while it also supports the use of the users’ primary tasks – to nurse and treat the patients. It is important that the technology is mobile and flexible and that it offers the users a general view. Several technologies must be offered the users to deal with their daily activities. The users must also be involved in developing technologies and they must be involved in choosing the precise technology for their daily work. A technology that provides them with help for their daily activities. Also there have to be awareness towards making the users wanting to use the technology.
Publication date2007
Number of pages137
Publishing institutionAalborg Universitet
ID: 9767247