Everyday spaces: A strengthening of Aalborg's local, authentic places

Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  • Malene Jensen
4. term, Architecture, Master (Master Programme)
This project takes point of departure in the experience economy and how the cities of the Western countries are undergoing a change in the economy going from the industrial economy to an economy of culture, education and experiences. In Aalborg, the harbour has contained large areas of industry, but as this is closed down and moved to foreign countries, where it is cheaper to manufacture, new iconic buildings are built containing cultural activities and among these, recreational areas for passive and active activities are laid out. The projects are realised in order to attract the creative class, who are highly educated people with the will to start up creative companies.

The question is, however, if the creative class are attracted to these cultural buildings and nice public spaces. Not according to the man behind the term ‘creative class’, Richard Florida. They do not want to settle for a one-dimensional cultural life, where the profit is more important than the development of a diverse cultural life. Instead, they are attracted to the lively and diverse street-level culture, where there is room for alternative and creative ideas. Also the cultural sociologist Dorte Skot-Hansen are questioning the cities’ development of ‘banal flagship and specialisation strategies’ and she asks whether the staging of the cities are happening to please the citizens or if the cities are becoming a scenery for tourists.

In this connection, the object of this project is to see how the unique places of Aalborg can be strengthened – the places that give Aalborg identity and make it differ from the mass of changing cities. Thereby, the authentic places of the city are to be strengthened and their potential for creating a public domain is to be developed. The places are the everyday spaces of the citizens and it is also for the citizens that these places are to be designed.
Publication date1 Jun 2010
Number of pages111
Publishing institutionAalborg universitet


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