• Joakim Anders Rimmer Lomelin Osuna Pedersen
The CRRF is a UN created framework that works with giving refugees dignity and self-reliance in the implementing state. ReHoPE is a Ugandan UNHCR strategy working that works off one of the “pillars” of the CRRF. This project considers, using norm translation, appropriation and contestation, to what extend CRRF norms on human rights for refugees are translated in ReHoPE. Using intersectionality and participant observation, along with secondary data, gives a better understanding of human rights on the ground, compared to the CRRF and ReHoPE policies. This project sees the lack of application language for the CRRF, as well fragmented use of the CRRF in ReHoPE. Even though both policies see human rights as a core activity, the translation from CRRF to ReHoPE will be viewed from different aspects and with different limitations. To conclude that ReHoPE is an applicable part of the CRRF in Uganda, but misses out on the real problem with lack of human rights in the refugee hosting-communities.
Publication date31 May 2018
Number of pages56
ID: 280046108