• Amanda Kristine Faust Spies
Background: It was questioned, how the DHTC as a centralised HTAU would give
input to decentralised decision-makers acting on a tender-driven market consisting of
various market failures.

Objectives: The objective of investigation was to elucidate current regional decisionmaking
regarding procurement of medical devices and the DHTC’s expected and potential
role in this. Thus, to answer the research question of: How will the DHTC influence
regional purchase decision of medical devices?

Methodology: The objective was investigated by performing a multiple scenario analysis
and six semi-structured interviews, fully transcribed and analysed through an

Findings: Direct influence in regional purchase decisions is possible in monopolistic
market situations if the application criterion of devices being ‘cost-neutral’ or ‘costreducing’
is excluded. Only implicit influence is possible when evaluating devices in
competitive conditions due to tender legislation.

Conclusion: It is recommended that the DHTC reconsider their organisational structure
in relation to what decisions they wish to give input to and influence, as it is
infeasible for the DHTC to influence every regional purchase decision.
Publication date1 Jun 2022
Number of pages58
External collaboratorRud Pedersen Public Affairs
Jesper Danneris Luthman jesper.luthman@rudpedersen.com
ID: 471898960