• Adam Antal
4. term, Information Science, Master (Master Programme)
This study addresses the phenomenon of professional portfolios used by user experience and user interface designers when looking for a job within their industry. This topic is already partially mapped out in multiple publications. However, the current literature focuses mostly on student portfolios, or new trends within portfolio design. Our study aims to find different aspects of the portfolio that can be focused on in order to create a positive impact on the employers. Performing the relevant literature review, the study uncovers three main factors that can be focused on when creating a professional portfolio - current design trends within the industry, the applicant’s identity, and the identity of their profession. Three separate portfolio artifacts are created for this study based on these discovered focuses. We employ quantitative research and utilize participant observation and semi-structured interviews with seven participants from companies that work with user experience and user interface design in order to answer our problem statement. The analysis shows six distinct themes that can be utilized in the portfolio creation, in order to create a more positive image of the applicant by the employer. These themes are: applicant’s projects, their background, identity, subjective perception of the portfolios by the employers, external content, and applicant’s company background knowledge.
Publication date14 Oct 2021
Number of pages63
ID: 450315121