• Rudan Zheng
Under the growth of the global market, consumers have more choices and getting more chances to try various products from worldwide. Therefore, consumer buying behaviour also shifts with the trend of globalization. In the study of consumer buying behaviour, multiple factors and aspects can cause vastly different purchase decisions by consumers. Culture can be one of the vital roles in consumption. Culture as an outcome from social groups, it is also effects on group members in many ways. Such as their world view, way of thinking and doing, etc. This brought of the wonder regarding how the cultural difference influence on consumer buying behaviour. This study has used the case of tea consumption, due to the reason that the distinction of tea culture between courtiers has representation for this topic. Having insight for this subject can help marketers to understand the meaning behind market demand and requirement, which can assist them in creating a suitable marketing strategy to build the market.

This thesis is focused on the study the tea consumption in China and Denmark, through comparing the difference between two countries, to find the answer about how the cultural impact on consumer buying behaviour differently. Relevant literature shed lights on the existing situation of culture difference under the globalization, as well as tea culture both in China and Denmark. Subsequently, the theory of practice has been used to understand consumer behaviour under the social context. Through using semi-structured interviews, primary data was gathered and used for analysis. The data analysis showed that the cultural influence on the consumer in many different aspects. From the way they are using the product to the way they are purchasing it, and the primary cause is that the culture influence on the way consumer perceives the thing, which this leads to several behaviours variously. This qualitative research offered basic knowledge of the relation between culture and consumption. It gives ground information for the further inquire of culture and consumer with sociology and marketing field.
Publication date15 Sept 2019
Number of pages44
ID: 310920752