• Marc Domenech Lopez
4. term, Medialogy, Master (Master Programme)
Navigation in virtual reality is present in every application. Users need to move around the virtual environment in a user-friendly, intuitive and motion-sickness free way. Nonetheless, the diverse applications offered by this technology result in different virtual environments with different requirements in each case. To fulfill these requirements and give the user a better experience the selection of an appropriate technique is important in every case. For this reason, there is not a locomotion technique free of dis- orientation and motion sickness symptoms in different environments. With the aim of finding the appropriate navigation method in big virtual environments, three methods are com- pared against each other: teleportation, World in Miniature (WIM) and drone navigation. A task of navigating to a specified target and then finding another one suggested that the WIM technique could reduce motion sick- ness and disorientation in these kind of environments.
Publication date2020
Number of pages45
External collaboratorVRVis Zentrum für Virtual Reality und Visualisierung Forschungs-GmbH
Franziska Steyer-Beerman franziska@vrvis.at
Place of Internship
ID: 333161764