• Nicklas Krogh Andersen
4. term, Manufacturing Technology, Master (Master Programme)
The EU introduced new laws and regulations regarding waste handling that Danish hospitals had to follow. The problem hospitals faced was to make a solution that could fulfil these laws and regulations. The pilot project, by standardizing the same solution to all hospitals, turned out not to work due to the different infrastructures of the hospitals. This project analyzed the current problems of waste generation within hospitals focused on Region Nord and the currently existing solutions for waste sorting. Theoretical and practical knowledge was collected during hospital visits and meetings with sorting personnel. Based on findings, a modular structure was made from this knowledge that could provide manager and management customized solutions for each hospital and department. A solution catalogue was developed using the proposed modular structure. A cost benefit analysis was performed to see how much the Hjørring Hospital could earn monthly.
Publication date9 Dec 2023
Number of pages67
ID: 533885704