Hospice Nordsøen: Nordic hospice Denmark

Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  • Mikkel Nørgaard Pedersen
  • Jonathan Judes
4. term, Architecture, Master (Master Programme)
This project deals with a delicate subject,
the death. The theme of this master thesis
takes its base in creating a set of physical
boundaries for terminal ill people, where
there is the opportunity to spend their last
days in peace in the company of their beloved
The motivation behind this project is to
create a place where despite the complications
of health, the patients do not die
a social death before the physical. One of
the primary focus areas will be to create
surroundings that can distract the mind
from the given situation, which is to be
achieved through providing a sensory experience
to create memories.
The technical aspect of the thesis focuses
on the indoor climate together with the
areas of sustainability. The goal is to secure
an elevated level of comfort for the
patients through integrated design solutions,
while simultaneously making the
building fulfill the BR2020 demands.
The project is located in the middle of the
Tversted plantation, in the northern parts
of Jutland. In the scenic landscape of a
clearing with an unobstructed view over
the north sea. The project focuses on trying
to deinstitutionalize the building to
build a home for the patients.
Publication date18 May 2017
Number of pages169
ID: 257809191