• Søren Knudsen
  • Brian Holbech
  • Christian Mortensen
4. term, Software, Master (Master Programme)
In the field of Home Automation, a large number of vendor-specific protocols makes it difficult for end-users to control their smart devices in a uniform manner. The HomePort project attempts to solve this problem by providing a platform that enables end-users to uniformly access all of the connected devices. Currently, there are no means in HomePort for automating these smart devices.

In this report, a language for automating smart devices in HomePort is presented, as well as a language which can be used to specify unwanted behavior. In accordance to these languages, a prototype implemen- tation is integrated into HomePort, which makes it possible for users to utilize the languages for automation of smart devices and for detecting unwanted behavior in the system.

Based on a set of scenarios presented throughout the report, automation and safety rules are created and their behavior is observed in order to evaluate the prototype implementation.

Lastly, a conclusion of the project is drawn and suggested improvements to the system are discussed.
Publication date9 Jun 2015
Number of pages95
ID: 213884168