HGSD 05 ° 13E 59 ° 23N : new city library

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Bodil udstuen Hovden
4. term, Architecture, Master (Master Programme)

HGSD 05 ° 13E 59 ° 23N is a master project written by Bodil Udstuen Hovden, specializing in architecture from the Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology at Aalborg University.
The task is to design a new and sustainable library to the port city of Haugesund, located on the west coast of southern Norway. The city is a lively city with approximately 45,000 inhabitants and with a surrounding population of approximately 100,000.
The project is not part of a competition or a planned project, but made for this master project.

The new library is desired to bring new life and a new feature to the city center. The house must be a new social platform and a vibrant house situated at the town hall place among some of the most significant and important buildings such as City Hall and Courthouse.
Designed to be functional and must contain all the features a modern library requires. The library must also be designed as a low energy building. The goal is to keep the project within or under the requirements of a 2020 public building. The demand for energy consumption in a public building in the 2020 requirements is a maximum energy consumption of 25 kWh per heated square feet per year.

The final result is a building which through functional intuitive layout allows the visitor to explore up through the rotating sodium-based central axis. Finally, to end the building's green roof overlooking the nearby harbor and surrounding rooftops.
Publication date23 May 2012
Number of pages113
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