Herfra hvor vi står

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Natascha Birkekjær Kromann
4. term, Applied Philosophy, Master (Master Programme)

Herfra hvor vi står

This is a thesis regarding the subject of the practice of conversation. More precisely two practices that regard the equal relationship between the respective interlocutors, as ideal. This thesis investigates the understanding of the two conversation practises – namely Philosophical Counselling, as it is represented by Finn Thorbjørn Hansen, and a more experimental conversation practice, which is Væredygtighedsspillet. This is a game produced be a non-profit organization called Rethink Human Being.

The formal criteria regarding the practices form and content will be investigated allowing for an inquiry of their differences and similarities. It is suggested that there are hidden inequalities present in the philospoghical counselling, due to the attitude between the counsellor and counselee, which should prevent this. Through Jacques Rancieres idea of the ignorant schoolteacher and universal teaching the subject is investigated critiqued.

The thesis offers a perspective of philosophical counselling as a discipline, as its
What the philosophical counsellor and counselee do is philosophize. The crucial issue is how, and towards what goal, this philosophizing is done in the counselling session. Finn Thorbjørn Hansen representation of what lies in the position of the counselor is essential to this point. It is my focus to comment and critique this issue, coupled with involvement of Jacques Rancieres principles of enforced stultification and finally I will, as an experimental alternative to philosophical counselling, compare this to Væredygtighedsspillet, which represent a higher deal of potential in the matter of the universal teaching.

As a byproduct of this thesis will display the problems related to the philosophical practice itself - Developed in two different ways, which examines how the philosopher can participate and contribute
Publication date10 Jan 2017
Number of pages47


speciale - anvendt filosofi
ID: 249121534