HbbTV Business Model

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Nilma Abbas
  • Mendo Lama
The main goal of this project is to investigate a viable business model for Hybrid Broadband Broadcast Television (HbbTV) and how this standard can be widely adopted in the Danish market. HbbTV is a broadcast driven standard that combines broadcasting services with the possibilities provided by the connected TV in a transparent and fluid way for the viewers, leading to more interactivity with broadcasting contents.
Investigating adoption and market opportunities for new technology requires analysis of different issues: drivers and barriers of the technology, factors that contribute to the rate of adoption, different issues with regulation and digital right management (DRM), technology penetration rate, user behaviour and initial market condition. Our project defines all these concerns.
Investigating a viable business model for new technology would require an analysis of different interrelated components of business model. Furthurmore our project describes different components of business model for HbbTV, which are Service design, Organization design, Technology design and Finance design.
SpecialisationTelecom Infrastructure
Publication date10 Jan 2012
Number of pages184
ID: 72482654