Speed-calming effect from speed hump

Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  • Lasse Høyrup Sørensen
4. term, Transport Engineering, Master (Master Programme)
In this project, the relationship between the distance between the speed humps and the drivers speed is examined.

The study is based on Floating Car Data. The study includes speed data from approximately 700,000 rides and more than 500 speed humps, all located in Region North Jutland.

The study shows that the drivers speed depends on the presence of the humps, when the distance between the speed humps is less than about 160 m. otherwise it is probably other local conditions that are important for the driver’s speed selection. In addition, the study shows that the driver’s generally do not comply with the speed limit. Based on this, it is recommended that speed humps is established with shorter distances.
Publication date7 Jun 2019
Number of pages73
ID: 305320544