• Lasse Dührkop
4. Term, Lighting Design (Master Programme)
This project investigates vertical and horizontal daylight source and how it provides lighting to a space, with the aim to develop data that can potentially provide a guideline for the optimal ratios between vertical and horizontal daylight in a given space.
An approach of building models in CAD-programs for evaluating different spaces and lighting ratios has been used and analyzed with reference to “The Scale of Light”. A template has been developed containing five parameters to support an objective and consistent rating of the different scenarios.
A preferred indoor lighting environment, with the use of vertical and horizontal daylight in a 1:2 ratio only, has been achieved for selected areas in a space.
Results has shown that only changing the numbers of windows, using the same total square meter of window area, has a huge impact on the outcome.
Publication date19 Dec 2019
Number of pages77
ID: 317738567