• Jon Lund Andersen
4. term, English, Master (Master Programme)
In this paper, I analyse the science fiction series Raised by Wolves, using Fredric Jameson's theory of The Political Unconscious. I do so to uncover the socially unconscious desire for change, in an attempt to raise awareness regarding issues of class inequalities, which is at times omitted from the public debate. When it is addressed, it is often drowned in the various critiques of society, and at times it can be hard to determine what is most important concerning class struggle. Therefore, I use Jameson's theory, as it reveals the unconscious desires of the collective consciousness. In my analysis, I find that Raised by Wolves contains imbedded antagonism towards the predatorial properties of human nature, which the series suggests has pervaded Western civilisation since the beginning. I then contextualise the predatorial theme to contemporary society and the ideology of neoliberalism, and I conclude that the series contains a covert utterance, expressing a desire for a regulating force to countervail the negative effects of uninhibited predatoriness.
Publication date2 Jun 2021
Number of pages63
ID: 413462534