• Mikkel Viktor Jørgensen
This masters thesis adresses the importance of examining and clarify the contents of easements, when dealing with property development.

The financial crises are over and the Danish economy are experiencing a solid recovery, which makes investors more than happy to invest, trying to make their capital grow. During the financial crises, the amount invested in property development were on a low, due to banks unwillingness to lend the consumers money for buying properties. Since then the development has reversed, which have led to new building shooting up from the Danish soil.

When designing and planning for the development of new building, it is especially crucial to know which public- and private law bindings to be found on a property. The public bindings on a property is often in the form of local and/or municipal plans, while the private bindings often are easements. Easement can contain bindings that restricts and reduces the use of a property, which can affect placement or design of a building. Some easements may be more than 100 years old, which troubles the process of figuring out, who parts of the rights of one’s property is granted to.

Who the rights are granted to, are not the only question. Up to several people might have the right to reprimand a curtain state maintained on the property according to the easement. It is crucial to know who has the right to reprimand the state of the property, due to the fact, that the one’s with that right, might be the ones who has the right to cancel and remove the easements from the property.

The cancellation and removal of an easement from a property might result in the potential possibility of, being able to develop and build the property in such a manner, that the investment becomes a profitable business.

This master thesis sheds light on the concept of easements, the legal effects, enforcement and cancellation of easement. The newfound knowledge of easements will be put in connection with a specific case, where easements has an influence on the development.
SpecialisationLand Management
Publication date23 Apr 2018
Number of pages67
ID: 273954587