Grundvandsbeskyttelse - En erfaringsopsamling

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Marie Louise Grøndahl Nielsen
  • Simon Skovly Kristensen
  • Uffe Møller Holm
This project deals with the opportunities the water supply companies have, when it comes to protecting the ground water through changing the land use and thereby ensure future drinking water supply. The project is produced for the purpose of identifying the factors in the process of implementing which affects the results in projects of protecting the ground water.
The project is based on an evaluation of ten projects of protecting the ground water, which are in various stages of the implementation process. The projects are located near the cities of Aalborg,
Aarhus, Esbjerg, Hjørring, Copenhagen and Odense. In the ten projects there are used both cultivation declarations and public and private afforestation. In addition to the use of various instruments
there are also used various methods of implementation, such as land distribution and expropriation. The aim of the evaluation was to identify which results that have been achieved in the projects regarding to three criteria;
• Time: what is the project’s timeframe, or how long has the project proceeded
• Economy: what is the price per hectare
• Coverage: which change in land use has been achieved
While comparing these results in the projects, it has been attempted to identify which factors in the process of implementing affecting the project’s results. The factors that have been studied in connection with the implementation process have focused on the project’s objectives, the performed
processes, and the results achieved. The factors are evaluated in relation to the criteria time, economy and coverage. The importance of these factors have been pointed out regarding the influence being positive or negative in terms of implementing a project of protecting the ground water. Based on the factors impact on the process of implementing, it has been tried to outline a suggested order a project can follow, which the water supply companies can be inspired by.
This project has lead to making a brochure targeting the water supply companies, to use for projects of protecting the ground water. This brochure contains which factors that are affecting respectively time, economy and coverage in a project. The brochure also contains the suggested order which the project of protecting the ground water can follow.
Publication date9 Jun 2011
Number of pages147
ID: 52818506