Homeowner’s Associations in Spatial Planning

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Morten Rydén Klercke
The master thesis is concerned with a study of the homeowner’s associations’ use and prevalence in spatial planning, which is based on the following two phases;

PHASE 1 is predominantly concerned with a theoretical study of the rules in force. This is done on the basis of the initial problem;
"Which legal possibilities and restrictions exist – primarily on the basis of the regulations in The Danish Planning Act – with regard to the use of homeowner’s associations as a tool of planning?"
Multiple sub analysis dealing with different aspects of the problem makes it possible to form an answer. Furthermore, this overall comprehension of the rules in force made it possible to formulate a research question.

PHASE 2 is concerned with a more ‘practical’ study, with the following research question as the point of departure;
"How does it work in practice, when homeowner’s associations – on ini-tiative of their own or others – establishes, manages or maintains com-mon areas or facilities?"
The research question is also answered on the basis of multiple sub analysis; partly by a quantitative study of the prevalence and partly by some qualitative studies of the use in practice (an interview analysis and a multi case study, respectively). In the end, the analysis carried out makes it possible to formulate an answer to the research question.
Publication date13 Jun 2013
Number of pages149
ID: 77333291