GrønReg Web App for Aalborg Municipality

Student thesis: Master programme thesis

  • Tanja Rahn
  • Marion Seidler Fürstling
  • Mevludin Besic
  • Niels Nørgaard Nielsen
  • Lars Hole
4. term, Master of Technology Management (MTM) (Continuing education) (Continuing Education Programme (Master))
This is the third and final report from the Master of Technology Management (MTM) - Geoinformation Management at Aalborg University, and has been developed using the Aalborg University model “Problem Based Learning” (PBL). The report's main focus is threefold: development of a web-application prototype to show maps of parks and green areas in Aalborg Municipality Park & Natur as well as specifications for the maintenance of these, establishment of a method where gardeners can report on item defects in the field, and providing a mean of digital communication between gardeners and the office. The first project was completed during the 2nd semester and was based on a curiosity as to why Aalborg municipality still used printed maps of parks and green areas. The report served as a preliminary analysis. Interviews were conducted to identify the target group and to specify the needs and wishes of the employees. The conclusion was that a GIS-based Tool was needed to represent maps and maintenance specifications called Kvalitetshåndbog, for the operations staff and as means to optimize communication procedures. The second project in the 3rd semester continued with the results from the first project. It established the target group and specified working procedures for ensureing a common goal and specifying the scope of the project. Existing solutions were sought, but none was found. Different prototypes for the web application were developed and were used to find the best fit. The first two reports identified a solution to the initial problem. The third project during the 4th semester is a realization of the web application called GrønReg. This has led to the following problem formulation: How to develop a prototype for a web-application using GIS standards, Open Source and interoperable solutions, to fulfill the needs of the operations staff? The development of the project has been controlled by models developed by Lars Brodersen called Samtalemodellen and Den Udvidede Informationsdesignmodel. GrønReg is built within the framework of the SDI-model and focuses on the user's own access to data and geodata in a system built with standard components. A scientific method was used to test the accuracy of GPS readings for a specific location. The test showed a large margin of errors and was therefore excluded. Product SCRUM was used as the development strategy for the application along with additional tools such as Trello and BitBucket. The prototype was developed using Open-Source. The main web application is designed using BootStrap to ensure a suitable use for tablets and Mobile First, and can be used both horizontally and vertically because the design is responsive. The zoom function centers on the user's position and is implemented in the application using OpenLayers. A combination of the predefined functionalities has been used in the application The Kvalitetshåndbog is implemented in the application via a page that has the maintenance specification categories. Each category links to a PDF containing the specifications for this particular category. The functionality of handling reports concerning defects and digital communications between gardeners is designed using UML and ER-diagrams in order to optimize communication at Park & Natur regarding outstanding tasks. This feature has been integrated in the application as two separate pages. Our plan was to use PHP to transfer data from GrønReg to the PosGIS database. We did not have time to establish a connection and the functionality is not complete as a result. Instead fictional data was used in the database and used as WMS in GeoServer. This made it possible to visualize the handling of reports concerning defects and digital communications between gardeners and the office. A model developed by Lene Nielsen called Personametoden was used in different Story Board based scenarios to test the prototype. Results show that the web application prototype for Park & Natur fulfills the requirements of the users, including: • Access to maps and maintenance specification in the field • Reporting of defects or discrepencies in the field • Digital communication for location specific assignments. This encompasses the ability to receive and send assignments, and to report when a task is completed. Distribution of GrønReg to the gardener is expected to be handled by Park & Natur.
Publication date13 Jan 2016
Number of pages148
ID: 225819092