• Reneta Radomirova Georgieva
Green technology has recently become an essential part of sustainable development
projects in developed countries. Furthermore, green technology solutions can bring
numerous benefits when utilised in innovative facilities. The purpose of this
dissertation is to investigate the diffusion of green technology in China and identify
the challenges of green technology accumulation in the Chinese market segments.
This thesis utilizes a comprehensive review of various literature to describe
the dynamics of green technology transfer. Also, the standpoint of this academic
work is to give an insight into sustainable green technology export and
accumulation issues which are pivotal in bringing a more sustainable future, and
the opportunities of improved energy efficiency. In the wake of the 21st
century, most attention is shifting towards a sustainable future, and sustainable
green technology is the key to achieving sustainable goals.
China’s economic boom has also transformed the global economy in numerous
manufacturing industries. This academic work investigates whether China’s
transformative policies extend to the new green technology innovation. This thesis
also describes the rapid growth of the Chinese market which has a major impact on
competitive forces in the global wind power industry. Whereas many Western
companies have found opportunities of expanding their business in the growth of
the Chinese market, the government’s regulations and local legislation still give a
precedence over Chinese wind power companies. In this manner, while the
influence of the Chinese market and production power is already taking place, other
influences are beginning to be felt, arising from fierce competition as new and innovative Chinese companies start to emerge which poses a challenge to Western
wind energy companies.
The case study of this thesis is Vestas System A/S which will shed a light on the
ambition to create a more sustainable future through export and accumulation of
green technology solutions to developing countries. This academic work will also
investigate the company’s aim to expand its services to China, which has already
taken initiatives to tackle climate change issues. Furthermore, this research will
investigate what facilitates or burdens the implementation process in China and how
does the Danish government support Vestas System A/S in the export of green
technology. In fact, international transfer of environmental technologies is
considered an integral requirement within the framework of future sustainable
development. It is assumed that export of green technology gives a desired means
for technology accumulation due to its flexibility. Nevertheless, the export of
environmental technologies is suppressed by strict government regulations, in
particular, the Chinese government regulations. Using literature from export
promotion of the government, this thesis will give an insight into governmental
initiatives which have the ambition to promote the export of environmental
technologies. In addition, using theories from green technology and governmental
initiatives, will give clarity of the possibility of green technology transfer in the
developing countries.
Keywords: China, wind energy, green technology, green technology
implementation, local regulations, government support, climate change
SpecialisationChina Area Studies
Publication date27 May 2021
Number of pages101
External collaboratorVestas Wind Systems AS
no name vbn@aub.aau.dk
ID: 413004989