Green Lean - "The effective and green dismantling company"

Student thesis: Master programme thesis

  • Danny Nuka Lynge
4. Term, Master of Sustainable Transition (Continuing Education Programme (Master))
For decades there has been an existing attitude among companies in the society to not to take any significant precautions to either the environmental or similar resource consumption1. Due to the time being different and society's focus was elsewhere. Some of several reasons for this was of an upcoming larger share of the linear economic paradigm (Take, Make, Waste2), because needs and production of energy were in balance and a higher resource consumption seemed to not be a major social concern.
But despite of another period today, the society has frequently been calling for changes in environmental improvements - in particular by establishing: Eco-labels, environmental management, environmental legislation and green sustainable thoughts in a larger society perspective, there is still improvement to be done before we can see the results in a greater global and holistic perspective.
With one or more steps on the way, Danish companies can develop or completely adapt to become greener by themselves. This could occur by looking for environmental and/or operational optimization thinking network that can assist companies in the process. One of these is the network ‘Green Lean’ in Aalborg, which this report in cooperation with the company Nordjysk Autoophug will investigate and substantiate on how the company can be developed using Green Lean.
Publication date13 Jan 2017
Number of pages101
ID: 249322275