Good leadership skills in a public context

Student thesis: Master programme thesis

  • Dan Zielke
4. term , Master of Public Governance (Continuing Education) (Continuing Education Programme (Master))
Good leadership skills in a public context

Strategies and goals must be fulfilled. It is therefore important to be able to provide management that can clarify the vision for employees in a way that makes it meaningful to operationalize.

I have the assumption that good management is based on inner dimensions and / or qualities and a number of specific skills, this is sought to be uncovered in the assignment.

That is why I use recruitment companies as input, to get their vast experience with skills and skills in play.
Problem definition:
To what extent can common perceptions of traits and skills of managers among recruiters be observed as they recruit new public leaders?

One thing is clear, a number of generic features can be deduced based on characteristics and skills, as indicated in Table 3 of the analysis and the greater proportion you represent of them, the better likelihood that you can contribute good leadership.
However, as soon as they are put into play in relation to the management paradigms, the outside world and / or context, the identified characteristics and skills will be given a different weight or priority when they are used for recruitment.

Publication date23 Jan 2020
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