• Cecilia Dianna Johansen
  • Elisabeth Greve Jensen
  • Rikke Holm Frederiksen
4. term, Architecture, Master (Master Programme)
This masters’ thesis represents a new public-school building to be placed at the site of Gl. Hasseris Skole in the western part of Aalborg. The aim is to design a school that supports a variety of teaching methods in a fast-changing school environment, focusing on flexibility in interior and diverse learning environments. Basic analysis of child development provides an understanding of the pupils’ needs, along with a review of the new school reform and how it has affected the teachers and students, which is based on interviews with teachers, principals and the municipality. The surroundings are analyzed and the importance of the recreational area, Rotunden, is established, as well as the indoor environment as a key element to creating a good learning environment. An integrated design process is made where the focus is on diverse learning environments and the thermal, atmospheric and visual qualities. This results in the creation of a school where the shape is developed based on the surroundings and the interior is designed from the needs of each user group. The demands to the quality of the indoor environment is fulfilled and is a part of creating a stimulating learning environment. The outdoor areas are divided into zones, providing activity for a wide age-range. As a result, a school is created that can handle the new and ever-changing public-school.
Publication date18 May 2017
Number of pages199
ID: 257741103