• Lars Kristian Engelsby Hansen
This thesis examines how consulting engineering companies uses GIS. The work based approach in consulting engineering companies is project oriented, which means that when a project is finished, it has no more value for the business. However, one of the major economic benefits of using GIS in companies, is the potential of being able to reuse data and analysis. Therefore, it is examined whether GIS can support the business and the development of a consulting engineering company. The method is based on use cases , where it is examined how a number of employees at Ramboll Denmark are working with GIS on a daily basis. In this way the constraints and the opportunities with GIS in a consulting engineering company can be identified. Then a set of proposals are given as to how GIS can help support the business and the development of the company. Some solutions can be implemented in the short term, but other solutions require that the company must implement GIS into an overall IT strategy.
Publication date23 Jan 2014
Number of pages77
ID: 179714664