• Julie Kjeldsen-Kragh Keller
Copenhagen Municipality is developing a Green Space Factor tool. The aim is to have more urban nature in new city development areas, increase biodiversity, improve climate adaptation and increase the nature experiences for the citizens of Copenhagen.
The Green Space Factor in Copenhagen focuses on four qualitative subjects: biodiversity, climate adaptation, recreation and site characteristics like cultural and landscape elements.
This project will use GIS and remote sensing in form of Orthophotos and Lidar to calculate and extract the data necessary to create a baseline for the Green Space Factor in Copenhagen.
Publication date7 Jun 2017
Number of pages72
External collaboratorRamboll Foundation
Biolog Kristine Kjørup Rasmussen KRKR@ramboll.dk
Place of Internship
Københavns Kommune
Rikke Hedegaard Christensen ZI1E@tmf.kk.dk
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