• Bob Henrique Farias Nogueira
4. Semester, Digital Communication Leadership (Erasmus+) (Master Programme)
The training section is based on acquiring skills that newcomers need to learn to reach their full performance and follow the company's policies. This process is mandatory, and new employees do not have the right to choose what they will learn. For this reason, this fact might create a harmful environment for effective learning. In academia, gamification has been associated with good results in improving learning. More than 100 papers analyzed had the words motivation, students, course, improvement, and education related to gamification. However, some cases in this topic have negative results. Thus, this paper aims to analyze how gamification could improve the training process because this is one of the most critical procedures to return on investment from hiring processes. For this reason, it was necessary to understand the motivational aspect of humans to analyze how technology, combined with gamification, can improve their desire to learn something they might not want to. So, this paper used the goal-setting and self-determination theories to create an operational framework that applies the concepts to new joiners, a gamified platform, and their interactions.
Publication date8 Jan 2023
Number of pages152
ID: 509401961