• Ema Atanasova Gröber
4. term, Service Systems Design, Master (Master Programme)
The thesis addresses gamification as a method to support and improve the service experience within the study application Lix. The research is created around the case of a new feature development within the Lix Technologies platform, done during the period February - September 2019. The project focuses on changing the students efficiency and experience during their studies with the involvement of the Lix application. In order to create a successful concept, the students were involved in the process. This allowed a better understanding of their needs, pains and expectation and involving them in the Co-creation of the project allowed for the development of a product that meets the users needs. The case was completed with the design of a new feature called Time to read, which combined with gamification would improve the students’ efficiency and motivation towards reading the required content for their studies. The feature was developed as a part of the existing Lix platform.

Furthermore, the case was used to further research the effect of gamification within the area of education and how its implementation could provide additional value to the student. The research used for this thesis supports the process of gamification and provides a base for further exploration of the necessary knowledge and tools that could help implement game mechanics into a study platform.
Publication date11 Sept 2019
Number of pages92
External collaboratorLix Technologies
Maria Saavedra maria@lix.com
Place of Internship
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