• Carina Noelle Schüssler
4. semester, Entrepreneurial Engineering, Master (Master Programme)
This research revolves around the intersection between sustainable movements and entrepreneurship. Therefore, the parallels between companies and sustainable grassroot initiatives are explored and chances for cooperation are evaluated. To analyse the relation, an empirical study was conducted, interviewing participants of four different sustainability-related movements, such as volunteers, entrepreneurs, as well as company representatives whose business’ is linked to the movement’s cause. The case partners have been inquired on their motivation, (voluntary) work, attitude regarding other parties, and attitude towards growth. The results show that collaboration between grassroot initiatives and sustainable entrepreneurs within the same movement is possible and can take on different forms. Relevant recommendations for a successful collaboration and the resulting chances for each group are presented. Further, grassroot initiatives with a business model, as a hybrid of the two organisational forms, are examined.
Publication date15 Nov 2019
Number of pages80
ID: 314916539