Volountary physical activity in fourth grade during recess

Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  • Kristina Rohde
4. semester, Sports Science, Master (Master Programme)
Purpose: This study explores the motivation among fourth grade students for physical activity, by means of an initiative with activity agents from sixth grade who facilitate physical activities during recess. Background: A decline in physical activity was found among children between grades 1.-3. and 4.-6. (in the age of 10-13 year) (Trost et al., 2001). Because activity patterns follows from childhood to adolescent into adult life, it is important to promote physical activity during childhood (Telama et al., 2005). Different programs have shown potential for promoting physical activity (Beddoes et al., 2017), and the setting for the programs are often schools, because it is where children are spending a large part of their day (Saint-Maurice et al., 2011). In particular, the recess time should be focused upon, because it has high potential for enhancing the number of children who are physically active (Zask et al., 2001). Methods: an ethnographic study design utilizing participant interviews with stimulated recall from video observation, notes from observation and thematic analysis, were used in this study. Results: Based on the analysis six themes were identified 1) contextual factors 2) behavior in playground 3) games during recess 4) experience of games arranged by activity agents 5) wish scenario 6) other. Conclusion: Six factors were identified as the most important, with regards to motivating fourth grade students for physical activity by an initiative with activity agents: 1) recognition 2) variation 3) co-determination 4) challenge 5) compliance with the role as activity agent 6) positive role models. It has been found that many factors have an influence on the motivation for physical activity, with activity agents and the initiative appeals to students who are already outside or physical active during recess.
Keywords: Physical activity, motivation, children, recess
Publication date29 Jan 2018
Number of pages186
ID: 267013213