• Mads Frandsen
Holstebro Vandkraftværk and the associated reservoir, Vandkraftsøen, represents a partial obstruction for the fauna movement in the Storå-system. As Holstebro Kommune wishes to maintain the existence of the reservoir for recreational purposes a bypass flow has been proposed as a solution. Based on this the consultancy firm Alectia has composed some possible solutions.
Where the sediment in the current state mainly is deposited in the reservoir, an establishment of a bypass flow will move this deposition process downstream
This could possibly lead to the need of dredging the stretch of the Storå placed in Holstebro, occurs more often. Furthermore, as a consequence of modified sediment transport, there is a risk that important spawning grounds for the salmon placed downstream the hydropower plant gets buried.
This project is focusing on the issue described above, and therefore the sediment transport in Storåen has been imulated. In connection with the sediment transport a solution is made in the form of a sand trap. To examine the effect of this, the sand trap is included in a two-dimensional dynamic flow model built in MIKE 21, where sediment transport is connected.
Publication date10 Jun 2013
Number of pages81
ID: 77397830