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Student thesis: Master programme thesis

  • Lars Roest
4. term, Master of ICT and Learning (MIL) (Continuing education) (Continuing Education Programme (Master))
One year ago the Firm HePo and Dalgasskolen agreed about making a website with a virtuel interactive part as an integral part of the website. We call it Forum. We wanted a Forum that should be based on communication and dialogue to make the school outstanding in E-learning platforms. We want to develop webbased principles for discussions and dialogues for these E-learning platforms. I will tell you about Dalgasskolen, which is a primary and lower secondary school, where I am the headmaster. I tell about our objects and qualityaims for the school and I explain how the structure is made up. About the website we will give an account of the structure in visual composition and design. We describe objects and their placement, so the objects are supporting the user´s acts and we define the concepts associated and dissociated. Colours are also a theme. In the search for good ethical dialogue and communicationtools we use the theories from Habermas about rationality and mutual understanding. Other themes are “the ideal conversation” and Robert Alexy´s four rules for linguistic communication as an attempt to get a good dialogue. We claim that the moderator, in many cases the teacher, is a very important person to create professional and social virtual spaces. We define different characters for the moderator and what to be aware of for each character. To support this we have tried to advance some principles with the objects of supporting a god discussion. We end up with some focusboxes where everyone can form a general view. The integration of communication, dialogue and moderator we call perspectivedesign A. As an attempt to a further vision we have made the perspectivedesign B, which should lead us to use the website as E-learning platforms and collaborative scenaries.
Publication date2003
Number of pages118
Publishing institutionAalborg Universitet
ID: 6142166