The Future is Circular: An Institutional Analysis of the Circular Economy

Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  • Lucas Buddike Vive
This study is a qualitative analysis of the circular economy
in the building industry. The study addresses the following
problem statement: How can the circular economy rise and
maintain throughout the traditional building industry, and
improve the market position with legitimate principles?
The methodological approach is a qualitative case study
based on a total of 5 informants, two from the traditional
field, and three from the circular field. The foundation of
the case is based upon VCØB and how they interact with
other field actors.
The analytical approach of the study is based upon New Institutional
Theory including institutional logics, institutional
complexity, field, subfields and infrastructures. Initially the
construction industry is being characterized through its development
within the circular economy.
The study´s key findings are how the circular economy can
be adapted within an existing field, where new understanding
of the human behavior plays a crucial part to create and
withhold the circular principles. Furthermore, this study
suggest that the circular economy can only improve with the
commitment from all field’s actors.
Publication date12 Jan 2023
Number of pages56
ID: 510038578