• Anders Hvidberg
This thesis had the initial focus of examine the two areas of Business Process Management (BPM) and After-sales Service (AS), to understand and specify their connection. AS has acquired a strategic role for organisations and BPM can help to acquire the opportunities of it. This knowledge was used in the analysis of Vestas Wind System A/S, which showed that both areas were functional on a theoretical level. To confirm this an ISO 9001 audit were used to evaluate the practical part of the setup. This showed a lack in the BPM approach handling maintenance and knowledge sharing at the operational AS processes leading to decrease in organizational transparency.
The second part of thesis, the main analysis, focused on solving the issue, through five stages: Firstly, create an understanding, through a conference and LEGO Serious Play workshop. Secondly, development of a solution, used the input from the first stage together with existing tools to create a BPM-Forum, consisting of operational service employees, associated with a team-site. Thirdly, the suggestion was send to a key user and the service management team for evaluation, whom concluded that the idea were useful at both levels. Fourthly, based on additional feedback the concept of building business cases as a motivating factor was created together with suggestion to an implementation plan. Fifthly, four guidelines for global use were developed.
Publication date2 Jul 2012
Number of pages110
ID: 65592394