• Katrine Bundgaard Andreasen
  • Jeppe Sommer Bruun
There are from the European Union, established european objectives that CO2-emissions must be reduced. In Denmark, the reduction of the emissions is being done, by expanding the energy sector with green energy. Targets are set for, how much of the Danish energy production, which shall consist of wind turbines. The municipalities are responsible for the planning of wind turbines on land in Denmark. On the basis of this planning, the wind turbines must be installed in the designated areas.
Throug the planning of the wind turbines, the municipalities in some cases encounter challenges, that either brakes or stops the wind turbine projects, which can result in the wasting of resources of both the municipality and the projectdeveloper.
This masterthesis is about wind turbine planning. The purpose of this masterthesis is to investigate, if the challenges emerge from the approach of planning the municipalities follow, or if the challenges emerge from other causes.
Publication date14 Aug 2015
Number of pages115
ID: 217513633