• Jolisha Alinda Abigabirwa
  • Michell Alexandra Granby Christensen
4. term, Social Work, Master (Master Programme)
This thesis paper seeks to understand the RNR principles in correctional facilities and their application in the rehabilitative and resocializing efforts carried out by the frontline workers in both prisons and KIF (Kriminalforsorgen i Frihed). The project is based on in-depth semi-structured qualitative interviews and uses a hermeneutic scientific theoretical frame of reference to achieve a deeper understanding. To analyze and explore frontline workers' judgment and their understanding of the RNR principles, we will make use of the well-reputed theories by Søren Juul and Peter Høilund. These theoretical concepts will help us uncover how the frontline workers' decision-making processes and assessments affect the implementation of the RNR principles and thereby the resocializing effort.
Furthermore, we will also use Erving Goffman's total institution theory to investigate and understand how the environment in prisons functions as a total institution. This will give us an insight into how this context affects the application of the RNR principles and the challenges of the work of the frontline workers.
To ensure a comprehensive analysis, we will combine a descriptive analysis that provides a clear description of our collected data with a theoretical analysis that integrates the theories of Søren Juul, Peter Høilund and Erving Goffman. This will allow us to gain an in-depth and nuanced understanding of the implementation of the RNR principles and their impact on the correctional system.
Publication date1 Jun 2023
Number of pages80
External collaboratorKriminalforsorgen
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