• Klas Rickard Viktor Fabian Fagerstrom
4. Term, Sustainable Design (M.SC) (Master Programme)
In this technological age, society experiences a change in shape and structure. Here, it is often discussed how social exclusion helps to reinforce negative social trends such as unemployment, low education and chronic diseases. Unemployment is high in some parts of Copenhagen, and improved efforts are being made in these areas, but it yet seems to not be sufficient. This task proposes the development of cross-sectoral cooperation - A so-called 4th sector, which will provide a platform that can support the existing treatment of the unemployed, ultimately ensuring that more people becomes employed. This approach requires a greater analysis of how cross-sectoral interests can be addressed, but also how the major differences of interests also have a big influence on how a given project is either translated into configurable settings or not. With the starting point of a specific case in the South Harbour District of Copenhagen, will this thesis guide the reader through a journey of negotiations, relations and networks, which eventually created a platform supporting social inclusion in South Harbour.
Publication date14 Sept 2018
Number of pages53
External collaboratorOmrådefornyelsen Sydhavn
Kvartermanager Øystein Leonardsen oysleo@kk.dk
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