Forventningsværdi ved ekspropriation

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Stefan Gustafson
  • Anders Wengel-Hansen
  • Ulrik Thomsen
This master-thesis concerns compensation of values of expectations in case of compulsory acquisition of agricultural land. The value of expectation can be described as the value a property gains based on an expectation of the changes to the future possibilities of the property. These changes caused by the public planning might provide a more intensive use of the property meaning a greater benefit for the owner. In the first part of this thesis the focus will be on how the values of expectations are documented specially with regard to the existence and value. This is done through a thorough analysis of the influence of the relevant legislation, the comparable property transactions and the reports of building surveyors. The analysis shows that the period of time from the compulsory acquisition to the change of use is of great importance to the existence of expectations and to the value of such. The determination of this time period is often based on flimsy grounds. Therefore other aspects such as the significance of the rules of acquisition described in the agricultural law are also discussed. The second part of the thesis concerns a specific case. The case concerns a compulsory acquisition of agricultural land close to Skejby Village just north of Århus, Denmark. This case proves that the aspects that must be taken into consideration when determining the value of expectation are numerous. This illustrates the uncertainty involved in the determination of the value of expectation.
Publication date2006
Number of pages170
Publishing institutionAalborg Universitet
ID: 6142055