• Jonas Blom Ottosen
4. semester, Sustainable Energy Engineering, Master (Master Programme)
Predicting flammability limits of gases is of importance, when it comes to safety, when handling combustible gases such as hydrocarbons. The theory of this topic is not fully explored yet, but some theoretical approaches such as the Le Chatelier's mixing rule exists. A model was made for predicting flammability limits of hydrocarbons and mixtures with inert gas present. The model was build as a combustor using mass flow controllers, to adjust the molar fractions of gases in the mixture. The mixture was ignited using a short pulse of hydrogen radicals. The reaction mechanism used in the model was gri30, as it has properties for methane, ethane and propane along with other gases present in combustion. Results from the model were compared to experimental data from Kuchta and Zhao, and proved to be capable of predicting flammability properties of smaller hydrocarbons, with some exceptions when ethane was present.
Publication date31 May 2019
Number of pages35
External collaboratorRamboll Foundation
Anders Andreasen ANRA@ramboll.com
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