• Mikkel Mørk
  • Stefan Thaarup
4. term, Communication, Master (Master Programme)
This thesis is concerned with examining communicative means and effects found in behavioural
change campaigns while also producing a draft campaign proposal to be employed
within the Danish Defence Installation Management Command’s Energy Section.
For the sake of optimizing our proposal, a series of scientific articles regarding theoretical
con-siderations are reviewed in order to identify commonly utilized means and effects
in behavioural change campaigns. These reviews constitute the theoretical grounding
for the thesis.
The second half of the thesis deals with implementation of an action research project
in which each of the four stages of the action research serves as a stage in the development
of concrete campaign proposals. In the planning phase we evaluate a number
of campaign-related models that serve as inspiration for the later presented campaign
proposals. This heuristic approach allows initiating the stage of action, which involves
development of the campaign proposals. The proposals are presented to the requestor
during the phase of observation before being further developed and optimized during
the phase of reflection, which is based upon feedback from the requestor.
Results from the analysis show a significant application of moderate fear appeals accompanied
by recommendations and, in some instances, usage of humour, thus lowering
the experienced level of threat. Furthermore, the readings show how application of
alternative means of communication has proved to attract further attention to a campaign.
Publication date26 Oct 2012
Number of pages100
ID: 70351983