• Karen Sole Lyhne
  • Ida Boisen
4. term, Public Health, Master (Master Programme)
Title: Suggestions for change in the prevention of stress among unemployed - a practice oriented recommendations for employees at a municipal job center.

Background: Stress among unemployed is an increasing public health related problem. Stress can be released due to factors at both micro, meso and macro levels. People who are experiencing stress constitute a significant but overlooked group, with the prevention of stress being less prioritized.
Aim: The aim of this master thesis was to investigate current preventive stress interventions for unemployed people who were experiencing stress as well as to explore possibilities and limitations in relation to stress prevention. Based on this suggestions for change is prepared, thus reducing the experience of stress among the unemployed.
Method: The Precede-Proceed model constitutes the overall framework in the master thesis. The thesis`empirical data was obtained through a systematic literature search to uncover existing knowledge on the prevention of stress among unemployed. Furthermore, a qualitative case study has been applied involving two employees at a jobcentre. The empirical data was analysed using Niklas Luhmann, Lisa Berkman and Erving Goffman. Suggestions for change are illustrated in a Precede-Proceed model.
Results: Data from the systematic literature showed that stress among the unemployed is seen as a secondary focus in the preventive interventions. Both the literature- and the qualitative case study found that the prevention of stress among the unemployed must be reconsidered. Thus, there need for new thinking, which is already is seen in a municipality of Denmark.
Conclusion: The recommendations are suggestions on how the prevention of stress can be changed to reduce the experience of stress among the unemployed. Suggestions for change is predominantly group based with a focus on social support. The group-based activities must be held in a context outside the jobcentre. The teaching must be carried out by external teachers who, prior to teaching, are trained in establishing trust, supporting the unemployed in believing in their own abilities and professional expertise
Publication date2 Jun 2020
Number of pages160
ID: 333074068