• Esben Toke Christensen
  • Jonas Heidemann Sjølund
  • Jens Ammitzbøll Glud
4. term , Design of Mechanical Systems, Master (Master Programme)
This master thesis describes the formulation and use of Cohesive Zone Modelling in the framework of the Finite Element Method. A Cohesive Element is programmed and then validated through a number of comparisons with results from the literature. Difficulties arising when using this method are addressed, and implications hereof are discussed. Subsequently the element is used for analysing the strength of wrinkle defects in Glass-Epoxy Laminates. This is done by studying the influence of the geometrical parameters of the wrinkle through a parametric study. Through a normalised study this is used to propose a simple expression to estimate the strength reduction due to the wrinkle.
Publication date4 Jun 2013
Number of pages156
ID: 77174204