Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  • Andrea Miretinska
4. term, Industrial Design, Master (Master Programme)
The purpose of this project is to research, find, analyze and create a solution for a design problem within a post- stroke condition area. Based on the data gathering and research it was found out that patients affected by stroke suffer from post stroke problems in upper body such as arm immobility, inactive muscles, muscular atrophy, and torso collapsing, chronic back pain. These problems affect the overall performance in daily life and lead to decrease of life standards. These findings led to the research and market analysis of how are these post-stroke problems curretnly solved, which resulted in finding out a gap in the market. Therefore an opportunity for a new product emerged. To solve the patients problems, the areas of FES stimulation and body suits are investigated and tested. The process of development of the device is based on the design thinking, where concepts of FES unit, suit pads and bands are created, tested and evaluated. The result of the development process is a compact, intuitive design solution of a product that will help the stroke patients regain the muscle strenght in upper body, correct the posture, avoiding loosening of body while training, and monitor life functions. The device would help the patients from stage 1-4, whereas it can be used with or without the supervision of rehabilitation staff. The device is a personal medical equipment designated for rehabilitation training sessions, municipality training, ADL training and home wearing. The device is expected to solve the most common upper body problems, that current medical equipment fails to solve. The device is expected to cover the gap in the market, since the rehabilitation centers seek for product that yet do not exist, but is necessary to be developed.
Publication date15 Aug 2018
Number of pages90
ID: 284695337