• Christiane Bundegaard Petersen
4. term, Sociology, Master (Master Programme)
The starting point for my wonder in this thesis is what I see as a lack of focus on the differences between digital and personal communication in large digitalisations of communication and organisation systems. The public sector in Denmark is under digitalisation. Personal relations are replaced by digital, in the administration of public service. The digitalisation is not yet total, but it is being pre-pared in the national strategy for digitalisation that relevant areas can be digitalised com-pletely. If there are differences between digital and personal communication, there will be dif-ferences between digital and personal administration. The aim of the strategy for digitalisation of the public sector is to make the administration more efficient and better. To uncover the advantages of digital and personal communication, system theoretical conditions for communication is compared with practically experienced possibilities in the to medias of communication. The experienced possibilities are explained by workers in the administration and by citizens in Odder Kommune. The advantages in the two systems indicates,when digital communication and personal communication are more ef-ficient and better than the other. This will again indicate if it is reasonable only to focus on the efficiency and quality of the digital systems in digitalisation projects, or if there is a po-tential in persons to be more efficient and better under certain conditions. After the analysis of advantages of the different medias of communication, the analysis turns to translations between communications and actions in a collective that is gathered and related to digitalisation of the public sector in Odder Kommune. The analysis is inspired by Actor Network Theory and is set out to discover, which actors influence the digitalisation and how the actors influence the digitalisation. The actors which influence is traced are den nationale Strategi for digitalisering af den offentlige sektor 2007-2011, Odder Kommunes it-strategi (in-cluding Internet and information policy), workers in the public service administration in Odder Kommune and citizens in Odder, who visited the administration office in the first days of an initiative to hand out and activate digital signature to the interested citizens.
Publication date2008
Number of pages105
Publishing institutionSociologi, Aalborg Universitet


ID: 14616644