• Christina Binderup Mikkelsen
  • Amalie Winther Andersen
  • Emily Boem Palomo
This project addresses the recent report of immigrant Latin American women being forcibly sterilized in the Irwin County ICE detention center through an intersectional approach and by using Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) on data retrieved from news articles from the past six years and sources on the history of the practice of forced sterilization. The problem formulation: why are immigrant Latin American women vulnerable to forced sterilization in the ICE detention camp in the US, reported in 2020? is answered by combining research into the history of the practice of forced sterilization in the US, specifically from the origins of the eugenics movement to the cases of forced sterilization happening from the late 1950s to the early 1970s, and an analysis of discourse surrounding immigrant Latin American women today. The principle findings are that contemporary discourses echo the historical ones against people of various intersecting inequalities, but in this case especially women, creating an “us vs them” rhetoric that frames them as a threat to American welfare system and values. The results indicate that immigrant Latin American women are in fact vulnerable to forced sterilization efforts because of their position within the intersecting inequalities of gender, race and status, but that it is exacerbated by the negative discourses that the political elites and media (re)produce about them.
Publication date21 Dec 2020
Number of pages46
ID: 395218295