Force Technology: Praktikrapport

Student thesis: Profession bachelor

  • Mads Andresen Toftegaard
6. semester, Electronics (Diploma Programme)
This semester is an internship, where
FORCE technology have offered to take
me in. There is multible engineers and several departments, therefore a great opportunity for learning. There is a NEMP
several departments where there is tested
how much damages that moister would do
to everyday technologies. Also, there is done a moist project about how much moist a
PCB would consume, and is it possible to
measure? This is done over multiple test
when there is found uncertainty for the
test. There could have made some small
changes so they calculations would have
made sence, but when this mistake has
been discovered it was to late to restart
the test. But overall there is shown that it
is possible to check for the moist a PCB
has comsumed. There is also done alot of
costumer product test for EMC, there is
diffrent standards for where or who needs
the product. Overall it have been a great
place for learning and there is no other possible way that i could try so many aspect
of this field.
Publication date31 Jul 2022
Number of pages98
External collaboratorFORCE Technology
Jan Bjerre Christensen
Place of Internship
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