The Impact og the Consumer Rights Directive on Danish Law

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Camilla Lauridsen
  • Mia Mølgaard Westerberg
The purpose of this master thesis is to examine the impact of the Consumer Rights Directive on Danish law, more specifically the Danish Consumer Contracts Act and to discuss whether the Directive have fulfilled its purpose. The thesis will begin by examining the development of consumer protection rules in Denmark and the EU to show the historic context for the Directive and the Act. The examination shows a growing protection of consumers in both Denmark and the EU, and that the Danish consumer protection has been higher than that of the EU’s minimum harmonization directives. It will also exam-ine the purpose of the Directive and the process that it went through before it was adopted. The pur-pose of the directive is to improve the function of the Single Market by increasing consumer trust and confidence, and by reducing compliance costs of traders, and the Directive has been reduced in size and scope between the first proposal and the final directive. The thesis will then follow to analyze the rules on information requirements and the right to withdrawal of the 2013 Consumer Contracts Act to show and comment on some of the changes that have followed from the implementation of the Directive in Danish Law. The thesis will end with a discussion of whether the purpose of the Consumer Rights Di-rective has been fulfilled, and it will conclude that it can only be considered as the first step towards a more coherent and simple consumer protection in the EU.
Publication date13 May 2014
Number of pages71
ID: 197600274